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Other services and Custom work

Our skills:

We can develop Client / Server Java™ applications, with J2EE, web or mobile technologies. Please check anfymobile.com for our products for cellular phones.
For who is a Macromedia Flash™ fan, we developed anfyflash.com, an online tool (like Yahoo or Hotmail) to edit and save Flash™ and Javascript™ effects or Menu's.

Our Customers:

We have done custom work for companies such as the Intel Corporation, Ericsson, nVidia, Vodafone, AT&T Wireless.


If you are interested in our services, please Contact Us.

About Anfy Team

Anfy (Java™), Anfy (Flash™) and AnfyMobile are developed by a team of programmers/designers founded and lead by Fabio Ciucci (the photo is from 1998). This team is experienced in both internet programming, art and graphic design.

Fabio Ciucci, the Anfy Team company CEO, started Anfy project in December 1995, when he released first effects in the Java™ language which was still in beta at that time, winning the most important Java™ technology programming awards. Fabio mostly converted, as applets, the effects he had done in early 90's in C++ and Assembler for Commodore 64, Amiga and MS-DOS when he was mainly working in the video games industry. Actually Anfy is the most popular Java™ tool in the world, appreciated by thousands of web designers in all continents. Fabio Ciucci is also know in hackers world for the discover of the biggest security hole in Microsoft Internet Explorer related to Java and DirectX. In 2001 he opened the AnfyMobile department which does applications for mobile phones, sold to carriers and final users. He prtecipated to the expert group which defined MIDP 2.0 standard for Java™ in mobile phones. In 2002 he released the anfyflash.com online service, which complete the offering for web designers with Macromedia Flash™ menu, intro and effects.

Some articles about Fabio Ciucci:

On Developer.com: Fabio Ciucci: Extreme Java Artist, June 06, 2000.

On CNET news.com: Microsoft Explorer bug discovered by Fabio Ciucci, November 5, 1998.

On NewsBytes: New Bug Found In Microsoft IE by Fabio Ciucci, November 9, 1998.

Other members or partners:

Massimo Perrone, Anibal Wainstein, Fabrizio Bartoloni, Andrea Fasce, Marco Maroni, Martin Zettergren, Ibon Tolosana, Dolf Van Der Schaar.

Our philosophy and goals:

We observed that technicians and programmers usually lack experience in design/art, because they are talented in other fields, and/or they aren't interested in design. On the other hand, designers and artists rarely know the newest technologies extensively. They may know how to use a paint or 3D modeling program, but not how it works internally or how to re-program it.
This generally isn't a problem in most cases, as the programmer does the programs and the designer does the graphics.

However, some products such as our Anfy, can't be done in this way, since there is no real separation between the program and the graphics. The graphic is generated by the program! In this case, a designer can't understand how the program functions, and the programmer is unable to reach the artistic beauty. The solution of this problem is that the designer and programmer must be same person.
This is why our team is composed of people talented and experienced in both fields, and this is why we reached the fantastic results everyone can see.

The team composition is very dynamic and flexible. We are open to include new people or to accept work on a freelance basis..

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