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Purchase Anfy Shareware Regcodes

Payment options (alternatives to online credit card purchase)

Here the various options:

You have a credit card, but you don't want to write the card details online ?

1) You can do a Phone order throught BMT Micro (USA), but in this case please make it clear you want to purchase "Anfy", containing applets for the Java™ technology, and specify the domain name(s) you want to register, since BMT Micro sell many other products too:

800-414-4268 (Voice call from inside USA and Canada)
+1-910-792-9100 (Voice call from outside USA and Canada)

When to call: Monday-Friday 8:00am-6:00pm U.S. Eastern Time.
Cards accepted: American Express, Carte Blanche, Diner's Club, Discover, Eurocard, MasterCard, Novus (All variations), Optima, Visa.

2) You can do a Fax order throught BMT Micro (USA), but in this case please specify all the required information as shown below in the Order Form. Note: Don't handwrite a fax and send it if possible

800-346-1672 (Fax from inside USA and Canada)
+1-910-792-1889 (Fax from outside USA and Canada)

24 hours, 7 days a week

You don't have a credit card?

We accept money order, cashiers checks, and personal checks in US$ throught our reseller BMT Micro. Copy and fill the Order Form below, and send it to BMT Micro via Fax, Snail Mail or e-mail (orders@bmtmicro.com)

Money Orders / Cashiers Checks: Money orders, cashiers checks, and bank drafts are welcome, and all regcodes (unlock keys) of software purchased using these methods will ship via e-mail as soon as payment is received. Please remember that all payments should be in U.S. dollars unless arrangements are made in advance.

Personal Checks (US or Canadian Funds): Personal checks are welcome, but please allow up to two weeks for your check to clear the bank.
Canadian Funds must equal the registration amount in US dollars.
Make all checks payable to "BMT MICRO" and write "FOR DEPOSIT ONLY" on the reverse side of the check where it will be endorsed for your protection. In the lower-left edge of your check, please write in the name of the program you are registering.

Cash / Non-USA Funds: We do not encourage that you send cash or currency in the mail but if you choose this method we will only be responsible for delivery if the mail containing your registration and cash require a signature upon receipt of delivery by a BMT Micro employee.

Order Form for Fax and Mail orders
(available in plain text format)

         Mail Orders To: BMT Micro
                         PO Box 15016
                         Wilmington, NC  28408

         Fax Orders: (910) 792-1889

         E-Mail: orders@bmtmicro.com

     We accept money order, cashiers checks, and personal checks in US$.
     We also accept DM and British currency via registered mail.
     Personal checks are subject to clearance.

        Name: ____________________________________________________________

     Company: ____________________________________________________________

     Address: ____________________________________________________________


        City: _________________________ State/Province: __________________

     Country: ____________________________ Postal Code: __________________

       Phone: ____________________________________________________________

         Fax: ____________________________________________________________

       Email: ____________________________________________________________

  Domain(s):  ____________________________________________________________


     Product (Anfy and/or Anfy 3D)    N. Regcodes          Price        

     ________________________________       ___________       $____.___

     ________________________________       ___________       $____.___

          North Carolina residents, please add 6% sales tax: +$____.___

                                     Total: $____.___

    Payment mode details:  ________________________________________________


Finally, here is the Prices Table:

1 domain: $ 20
4 domains: $ 60
7 domains: $ 90
10 domains: $ 120
13 domains: $ 150

2 domains: $ 30
5 domains: $ 70
8 domains: $ 100
11 domains: $ 130
14 domains: $ 160

3 domains: $ 45
6 domains: $ 80
9 domains: $ 110
12 domains: $ 140
20 domains: $ 200

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