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Purchase Anfy (Java™) Shareware Regcodes

How to pay

If you have read the registration information and wish to register, you can buy the registration code(s) using a CREDIT CARD in a secure server for secure transactions (this page uses PGP secured encryption)

Our online registration system runs in realtime and is fully automated. Write your credit card and site details and receive the regcodes in 30 seconds!


We prefer online payment and we believe it is safe, but if you really don't like it, you can do a Phone order throught BMT Micro (USA), but in this case please make it clear you want to purchase "Anfy", containing applets for the Java™ technology, since BMT Micro sell many other products too:

800-414-4268 (from inside USA and Canada)
+1-910-792-9100 (from outside USA and Canada)

When to call: Monday-Friday 8:00am-6:00pm U.S. Eastern Time.
Cards accepted: VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, Carte Blanche.

For other payment methods (like bank cheques, international money order, bank account transfers) read about the other methods of payment.

Registration gives you these benefits:

1) All the "link" options enabled when applets are online.
2) No pop-up credits window when applets are clicked online.
3) Free customer support via e-mail.

If you still have questions, please read the following information:

Applets are fully working when run offline!

Important: the program you download here is the full product (you don't need to download it again when you want to purchase it), and the applets runs 100%, without any limitation, when run and tested offline. In other words, you can test and configure the applets on your local Hard Drive as you want without any problem. You can even include the applets in your Windows desktop backgrounds or local html documents, without any limitations.
The Anfy Win95 wizard, which easily configures the applets, has NO limitations. In fact the regcodes are useful only to enable the "link" parameters when applets are run from an online http://www site.

What are the advantages in purchasing the regcode?

As explained before, the applets run correctly and visualize all the effects even if you don't purchase the regcode (with the regcode inserted, the applets become "registered").
The only (minor) difference between registered and unregistered applets, is noticeable online, when applets are clicked with the mouse.
On unregistered applets, an external small window (we called it "linkware") will appear, showing the name of author as credits: it can be closed, and the effects will not be interrupted. In addition, the "link" functions of the applets, which makes it possible to link to another page when the applets are clicked, are disabled.
This is the ONLY limitation: the "link" option is disabled, when applets are online and clicked with mouse.
We believe it's the smallest limitation ever made in a shareware product...
And, after the purchase of a regcode, you have free techical support via e-mail: you will be not left on your own if you encounter problems.

So, I can use the applets in my site for free?

Yes! Sure! Of course!
If you don't care about the link parameters, and about the linkware credits window that pop-up when user clicks the applet, you have the rights, permission and license to FREELY add to your site the Anfy applets, even if the site is commercial.
But, of course, more registrations will encourage us to continue developing new effects, and we will not give technical support to anyone who is not registered.

Ok, but I want to use the link parameters too!

If you really want to remove the linkware window (examples: you are using applets in commercial sites where credit windows appears not professional, or you want to use applets as links, banners or menu's, or simply you can pay registration), you must REGISTER the applets by paying US$ 20. This will encourage us keeping up the development of new applets and enhancing the old ones.

Will be my regcode valid for future versions of Anfy ?

Yes! Users who purchased Anfy 1.0, received for free the extra 4 new applets included in Anfy 1.2 without any extra payment, and this policy continued until Anfy 1.4.

With Anfy 2.0 release, we merged Anfy 1.4 product with Anfy 3D 1.2 products, so free upgrades are guarranteed to owners of both software.
Unfortunately, if you registered Anfy 1.4 software only, the regcode will not work on Anfy 2.0, and free upgrades are not available. Upgrades from Anfy 2.0 to Anfy 2.1 and later will be free of charge!

With US$ 20 I purchase ALL the applets?

Yes, all the 40 applets contained in Anfy. This means you pay only 60 cents per applet!
However, you cannot purchase and pay for only one applet!

With US$ 20 can I use the applets in all my 50 sites?

Well, not exactly. Our registration system works with customer site domain names and not with customer names. This means if John Smith has one site and Bill White has 5 sites (located in 5 different domains), John Smith will pay US$ 20, and Bill White US$ 70.
We have chosen this policy because we think this: anyone who owns many .COM sites usually gets more advantage from the applets than anyone who places them in one site only. This is not true in all the cases, of course, but we think US$ 20 is cheap enough for anyone who owns only a personal homepage or little site. On the other hand, anyone who owns a dozen or so sites with different domain names has to pay a bit more, depending on the number of sites where they will use the applets.

How does this domain registration system work?

Each registration code unlocks the applets only on a specified http domain URL name, for example www.anfy.com. You must provide the URL names together with payment, and you will receive the regcodes (registration codes) for these urls via e-mail.
There are discounts for more sites: ( 1 site = US$ 20, 2 sites = US$ 30 and so on, as written in the prices table).
For example, with US$ 30 registration you can receive the registration code for 2 URL names. This can be useful when you split the US$30 cost with a friend that will use the other regcode you don't need. In this case you will pay US$ 15 for a regcode instead of US$ 20 (this is the price for one only regcode).
The registration code must be inserted in the "regcode" parameter, and it unlocks -ALL- the applets for registered URL domain name. Note that the applets will run as registered on all the pages of the site.
For example, if you register http://www.mysite.com , all the applets run from www.mysite.com/file.html and www.mysite.com/subdir/file.html will run as registered. This means that the regcode registers all the applets that resides under an unique root domain name.
There are no discounts to previous purchasers of regcodes; you must purchase again from standard pricing. We suggest you purchase all the regcodes you need at one time to save money. If you don't already know all the domain names you will require, wait until you know as many of them as possible so you can purchase them grouped, rather than one by one.
Also, it is not possible to transfer the registration to other domain names, because this practice caused abuses in the past (people claimed to have changed many ISP's and sites, closing the old ones, when actually they were all still active, still run by themselves or by their friends). So, if you know you are going to change site addresses within a few months, you have to wait until the activation of the new domain to purchase it's regcode. If you really want have applets running in both old and new domains, you must purchase reg codes for each site.
We believe these restrictions are beneficial to ensure a more reliable registration system. It's not more expensive than other programs, because you receive the new versions of Anfy 2.1, 2.2 and later for free, when 90% of other products require extra payment to update to new minor versions. From 1988 to 2002 the Anfy 1 users got updates for free. With Anfy 2.0 we merged Anfy with Anfy 3D products, and so it's a new product, without free upgrade option. The free update policy starts from 2002 and we hope to be able to give updates free until 2006.

What if I do not have a personal domain name?

Your site should reside on some domain name. For example, if your page URL is:


Then, the domain name is members.myprovider.com, and after registration, the applets will run not only from index.html , but from ALL your pages in same site.
In any case, please send us the FULL URL name of your site, when specifying it for registration.
If your site has no domain name, but only an IP number, no problem: a regcode can be generated even for IP numbers.

What about name1.site.com and name2.site.com?

These are considered 2 different domain names, and both have to be registered: registering simply site.com will not work for *.site.com.
The only exception is for www.site.com and site.com , which are considered the same domain. In this case you simply need to specify one of them (better specify site.com in this case), paying for 1 domain name only. The applets will run as registered from both www.site.com and site.com.
But, if you require even other domains like hello.site.com , kitty.site.com etc., you will have to pay for each one. If the quantity of these secondary level domains you wish to register is high, we can make discounts on individual basis.

What if my site is reachable from 2 domains?

If same site (same html pages) are reachable from two or more domain names, for example www.123.com and www.onetwothree.com, we consider it as one site and you'll only have to pay for one site : US$ 20.
But, the domain names must really point to same site, and we can easily test for it so be honest!
Technically, regcodes can be mixed together, with a "+" character, or the "add" button in Anfy wizard, so an html page with an applet can be run as registered even if reachable from many different domain names.

I can register applets for intranets or CD-ROMS?

An intranet usually has domain names, even if not reachable from internet, or IP addresses. If you know these, just provide them to us in the registration request and a working regcode will be generated.
If you are NOT SURE what the exact domain is of your site or intranet, please download and place on the html page our domain detect applet, and read the displayed results.
Regarding CD-ROMS for sale (education, product display, or other multimedia product), the applets will run without need of registration, but if you are going to sell it as commercial product (making profit with it) you do NOT have the rights to include the applets in it: you have to contact us and establish a form of payment.

Finally, here is the Prices Table:

1 domain: $ 20
4 domains: $ 60
7 domains: $ 90
10 domains: $ 120
13 domains: $ 150

2 domains: $ 30
5 domains: $ 70
8 domains: $ 100
11 domains: $ 130
14 domains: $ 160

3 domains: $ 45
6 domains: $ 80
9 domains: $ 110
12 domains: $ 140
20 domains: $ 200

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