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Anfy3D API is the Anfy Team 3d engine for Java(tm) language. It's like OpenGL and Direct3D, but written in Java(TM), usable by programmers to add 3D renderings to their Applets or Applications. You can freely download and test it. Educational and no-profit use is free, for commercial use see licensing informations in the package.

Files for download:

Anfy3D API 1.23 (Date: Feb 9, 2002 - optional OpenGL support via plugin - Size: 121 Kb)
A3D PLAYER 1.23 (Date: Feb 9, 2002 - Size: 527 Kb - vrml to a3d converter)
Anfy 3D API 1.x Tutorial (Date: Dec 21, 2000 - Size: 149 Kb)

Be sure to download the examples too (with source code, updated to Anfy3dAPI 1.2):

Samples Pack 1 (Size: 387 Kb - Including CubeMenu, MusicBox, Mosaic, Asteroids, Xpl3d)
Samples Pack 2 (Size: 365 Kb - Including EvilBobble3D, RoboRumble, FlatErik, Boids, Wall, BasketBall)

You may also try our 3d avatars chat/game, and talk with other visitors.

Note: Anfy 3D API is totally software and does NOT require plugins or the Java 3D(tm) extension, so it will run on normal Netscape and Explorer browsers. Optionally, you can download a plugin, so OpenGL hardware acceleration is used.
We are open to suggestions, bug reports, and we require extra .java examples.

Usage for non-commercial projects is free.
Usage for commercial projects requires a commercial license. Read the index.html in the API archive for further licensing informations.

Licensing of Anfy3DAPI is different and does not apply for Anfy and Anfy3d shareware products.

Developers support:

To let the development community communication easier, we've set-up a mail list:

To send a message in the list, e-mail it to anfy3d-api@yahoogroups.com
To subscribe send an e-mail to anfy3d-api-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
Read the anfy3d-api mail list messages

The Anfy 3D API documentation, included in the archive, can be read online.

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