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Click on applet, then use CursorKeys to move, 'a' and 's' keys to attack.
This game is a sample done by P. Lüders using Anfy 3D API.
The whole game+graphics is 64kb only, and it does NOT require plugins.

Anfy Team releases to the public the Anfy3D API, our 3d engine for Java(tm) language, usable by programmers to add 3D renderings to their Applets or Applications. You can freely download and test it.

Anfy Team is also one of the first companies developing wireless multimedia applications for the new Java™ enabled phones and handheld devices, mastering J2ME (Java2™ Micro Edition) and MIDP (Mobile Information Device Profile) specifications.

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Anfy 3D API for Java™ programmers. Targeted to web3d e-commerce, games, and intranet applications.

MIDP, J2ME development on mobile phones.

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