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Contact Fabio Ciucci on: LinkedIn (logged-out) or: LinkedIn (logged-in).

Important notice: Anfy Java (last released in 2002) is no more supported since Jan 1, 2014. The reason is: Oracle decided that all the old Java Applets (from every vendor, not just Anfy) it can no more run on web browsers at all, for security issues (not related with Anfy applets, but instead due to several Sun and then Oracle own programming errors). Oracle requires to buy a digital signature, create new signed applets, and let webmasters replace the old applets in all web sites with new signed ones. Considering that mobile phones and tablets do not support Java Applets at all, even if signed (neither iphone, ipad or Android), most vendors (including Anfy) concluded that it is not worth to sign the Applets, since users would complain anyway that Applets does not run on mobiles and tablets, increasingly popular.

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